Based on a True Story

A Little Lie in a Big War

To provide for his family after his father's murder, 15 year old Lester Liptak forged his baptismal certificate in order to enlist in the Navy during 1947. The many sacrifices and challenges Lester endured are chronicled in this short film.

Lester's untold story, along with those of many other underage children who enlisted in armed services, inspired Ryan Allsop (Lester's nephew) to write and direct Mount Liptak.

          Lester in the Navy at 15

        Lester in the Navy at 15


Later in life, Lester was a Plane Captain during Operation Deep Freeze, which was a mission to scientifically explore Antarctica and land the first plane on the continent. Mount Liptak, 10,013 ft. high, was first mapped by United States Geological Survey and U.S. Navy air photos from 1957-59.

Mount Liptak was named for Lester Liptak, as he was the crew chief on these first reconnaissance flights to the area in January, 1958.

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