Lester in Navy Postcard - Front.jpg

Lester Liptak

Age 15

This is Lester’s story.

He is one of many. 


When making this movie, we kept hearing stories of underage veterans, and it made us realize—Lester’s story is but a thread in a tapestry. His story is part of many that encompass WWII. Thousands of underage children served, and many gave their lives to protect what we take for granted. 

We want to hear these stories. We want to give them a voice. We want Mount Liptak to be a catalyst for everyone who
has a story to tell. 

If you would like to share, use the comment section below and tell us your story: your father’s, your grandfather’s, your uncle’s.

We would also like to feature photos and names of other veterans who served underage during the credits of this film. If you would let us use your photo in the credits please use the CONTACT US page to get in touch with us.